Our Services

Elegant and Effective
User Experience Design

Since 2004 we have been working on the web, on our own websites and apps as well as client projects of both small local businesses and multinational corporations serving millions of customers.

UI/UX Design

We started as a design agency. Though we have now ventured into product development, design is still very much a part of our DNA. Every year we undertake a select few projects from clients ranging from small businesses to large global corporations. We help them understand their customers better, and create user experiences that are functional, engaging and delightful.

Our UX work ranges from web design to creating user interfaces for mobile- and web-apps. We’re comfortable with all modern front-end development techniques, technologies and frameworks. Your project will be handled by the same team that manages the user experience design of our own products.

Our Customers

Over the years we have worked with clients from all parts of the world, in many different industries. Some of them were solopreneurs, some were small businesses and startups, and a few of them large corporations.

We recently published a case study of the work we did for Dialog, Sri Lanka’s largest mobile telecom operator.