Aaron Swartz (1986—2013)

There’s a photo of Aaron Swartz from many years ago that is forever etched in my mind. Aaron was just a child then, and he’s sitting with one of my heroes, Lawrence Lessig. Aaron Swartz with Lawrence Lessig

I was a university student back then, and working on our little start-up called Vesess. I felt small in front of Aaron. I still do.Aaron Swartz protesting against PIPA

In his brief life, Aaron has created, achieved, and shared more than most of us ever will. He was a genius, and a hero of our time.

I cannot hope to write better than Tim Berners-Lee:

Aaron is dead.

Wanderers in this crazy world,we have lost a mentor, a wise elder.

Hackers for right, we are one down,we have lost one of our own.

Nurtures, careers, listeners, feeders,parents all,we have lost a child.

Let us all weep.