Fintech is our forte.

Hiveage, our online invoicing and billing service, helps 65,000+ small business and freelancers around the world get paid on time. Paylinks, our mobile app for easily shareable payment links, makes accepting payments a breeze for entrepreneurs.

The Hiveage Story

We understand the needs of small businesses, because we are one ourselves. When a simple billing application we had developed for our own use was praised by our clients, we thought it’d be a good idea to create a product out of it so that others can benefit too.


Thus, in 2008, we launched CurdBee, our first billing service. It was a simple, free way to send invoices. CurdBee received much love from the press and customers.

By 2013, CurdBee had grown to serve 30,000 customers from 130 countries, and was bursting at the seams. The old architecture was not supporting the improvements we wanted to make. We went back to the drawing board to create a billing service that improved on CurdBee on all fronts.


In January 2014, we launched Hiveage. It’s now being used by more than 65,000 small businesses from more than 150. Hiveage helps them send estimates and invoices, track time and expenses, send recurring invoices and auto-bill customers, manage multiple teams and businesses, and accept payments with dozens of payment gateways.

We continue to make Hiveage better, and the improvements done so far can be seen on the Hiveage roadmap. For example, we recently redesigned Hiveage to work well on mobile, and documented the design process.

Paylinks for Hassle-free Payments

Paylinks is a fast, simple and cost-efficient way for businesses to accept small payments in person or online, without the need for e-commerce systems, special devices like card readers or lengthy processes involving invoices. Available on iOS and Android, Paylinks generates web links and QR codes, which a merchant can share with their customers through any medium, such as social media, messaging apps, SMS or email. The customers can then follow the link or scan the QR code to visit a custom-generated online checkout page, where they can make the payment using PayPal or Stripe.