Add a personal touch to your CurdBee emails

Today, we are introducing some enhancements to the flow of sending emails to your clients. CurdBee had the option to customize the templates used for client emails for a long time, but many of you suggested that it would be nice if you could edit the message before you send. We also realized it’s not ideal to use the same tone for all clients and by adding some personal touch we can make the recipient happier and look even more friendly and professional. So we brought in that flexibility to CurdBee!New Send Invoice ScreenAs you can see in the above screenshot, we will present you the rendered message (based on your existing mail template) and you can do the final edits as you prefer.

Add one-time recipients

Here’s another nice little enhancement.Add one-time recipientRemember how many times your clients want you to forward the invoice to a different email from the official one? It could be to her Blackberry or to her tax consultant’s email. Now on such instances you can quickly send the invoice again, by adding a one-time recipient directly from the ‘Send Invoice’ screen itself.This option is available for blind-copy (bcc) as well. If you want to keep your accountant (or other team members) in the loop about invoices, this might come in handy.Finally, I have to remind that these enhancements are made available through the Expansion Pack add-on. Therefore if you haven’t already enabled it for your account, this would be the best time to do it! (it only costs you $5 per month).We hope these enhancements will make your life little easier.