Emulation and Recurring Profile Updates

We’ve got two new features for you this week!

Third party gateways and emulation

Many third party gateways also allow you to use the architecture to process payments, and as of today, you can begin using them with CurdBee. To enable the emulation of third party gateways, visit your Module settings page, click the tick box next to Use a gateway with a emulator, paste your emulator URL in the Emulator URL field and click Save Changes. All transactions will now be forwarded to it. To test emulation, you can try a gateway like Gateway Settings

Create Recurring Profile from Invoices and Estimates

Convert to Recurring Profile A requested feature, this update allows any invoice or estimate to be converted into a recurring profile quickly and easily. It’s just one of those things that we hope will make your workflow better, allowing you to spend less time invoicing and more time living!

Oh, we’ve also fixed a few minor issues.

Finished Recurring Profiles now show up as CompletedA bug in Recurring Profiles caused them to do something unfortunate in that they used to send invoices out for the number of occurrences specified and then just stop, leaving a future date specified as the Next Billing Date. This was confusing indeed, and more than a few users had problems with it. With this CurdBee update, this issue is now fixed, and completed Recurring Profiles should show up clearly as Completed.Swiss German Number/Date Formats AddedAs requested by our Swiss German users, we’ve added a new number format (100’000.00) and a new date format (25.08.2011) as well. Enjoy!