Better Payments Handling in Hiveage

You use CurdBee to get paid. However, we are aware of one weakness in CurdBee that could annoy your clients when they try to pay you: payment errors are not handled well enough. When a payment fails for some reason, CurdBee shows a generic error message, which could be frustrating to both the client and you as it’s not clear what exactly went wrong.
CurdBee payment error message
CurdBee shows a generic error when a payment fails.
We’re sorry about the inconvenience caused by this, but the good news is, it’s all fixed in Hiveage. We have made two improvements to ensure better payment handling:Firstly, we show the actual errors which are generated by the payment gateway. For example, if a credit card was rejected due to the wrong ZIP code being entered, Hiveage will show a descriptive error message and ask your client to retry with the correct ZIP code. Some of the errors returned from the payment gateways are too technical for most people to decipher, so we will also work on presenting them in a more user-friendly manner. This is an ongoing process where your input would be very valuable.Secondly, we record all the actions under the relevant invoice as well as in the account activity log. You will no longer have to wait till your client informs you about the payment failure: it will now be recorded directly inside Hiveage.
Invoice activity screen in Hiveage
Invoice Activity section in Hiveage keeps you informed of payment failures, along with the error as passed by the payment gateway.
These are two among the many improvements we have already made with Hiveage Beta. Some of you have already received invites to test our new app, and the others too will get access in the coming weeks. We’re encouraged by your comments and take your suggestions into consideration when making further changes. Thank you for all your help in making Hiveage the ideal billing tool for small businesses :)