Better Reports with Hiveage

One of the most common requests we have received for CurdBee is to introduce more options in reporting. Currently we have graphs for Invoices over time, Payments received over time, Estimates over time, Expenses over time, and Time spent, for periods of 3, 6 or 12 months, with the data split across currencies. CurdBee also has quick overviews on Total Invoiced, Total Payments Received and Total Outstanding for the year-to-date, as well as a summary table of overdue accounts. CurdBee dashboard reportsBut with Hiveage, things get much better.The main graph in the Hiveage dashboard will show Income over Time. This is similar to the current Invoices over Time graph in CurdBee, but you will also be able to click on the column for each month to get a detailed view of that month’s activity. You can then also export the monthly data as PDF or CSV.
Hiveage: Monthy Income Report
Income over Time: detailed view of a month
The year-to-date summary in Hiveage has both a graph and a table, providing you with a quick overview of the state of your business. It’ll show you the amounts for Total Invoiced, Payments Received, Total Outstanding and Bad Debts, with data split across currencies.

Hiveage: Year-to-date summary graph

With the new bills section, Hiveage can track your expenses better than ever. This brings us to the next graph: Year-to-date Income vs. Expenditure, which provides a nice overview of your business health.

Hiveage: Income vs. Expenditure graph

Checking all overdue accounts is not a very straightforward process in CurdBee, though it shows the four latest entries. With Hiveage’s Accounts Receivable (Overdue) section, the entire list is just one click away. You can easily keep a tab on those clients who need some extra prodding.And of course, the Bills section means that you can track all your outgoing payments right inside Hiveage. The Accounts Payable section provides you with a quick overview of pending payments.Good reports are an essential tool in ensuring your business is running smoothly. You can see where things are going well, what could be improved, and where pitfalls may lie, and take action as necessary. We want to make sure that the Hiveage Dashboard provides you this vital information in a simple and straightforward manner. If you have any suggestions on how we could improve the dashboard reports, please share them in the comments!