BIG Pricing Changes from CurdBee

It’s no secret that CurdBee’s business model is freemium. Allowing unlimited invoices and clients, our free version lets your business grow as fast as you want it to. Then, when you’re ready to add more advanced features like PDF invoices, Estimates and Recurring Profiles, you can upgrade to CurdBee PRO. Last year, we gave a few lucky people the chance to get CurdBee BIG, our all inclusive offering.Starting soon, you can Go BIG as well and get Invoicing, Estimates, Recurring Profiles, Time Tracking and Expenses for just $149/year. That comes to just $12.50/month. How about that? A complete invoicing and time/expense tracking solution for the price of a large pizza!CurdBee's new pricing structureCurdBee BIG debuts today!BIG is self explanatory. For $149/year you get anything and everything CurdBee. CurdBee PRO is our pay as you go solution, allowing you to pick and choose from a selection of modules that offer different functionalities. CurdBee FREE, as always, will give you free unlimited invoices and clients, forever.This new pricing structure will launch with Time and Expense Tracking later this week, so mark your calendars and get ready to make some serious savings.CurdBee's new module structureThese changes also mean that CurdBee paid modules are now available to users who do not have CurdBee PRO Plus module (more on that later). Thus, if you want to only add Time Tracking, you can do so for just $5/month. If you want Expenses, that’s just $5/month again. To top it all, we’re also offering the and 2Checkout modules for just $2/month now. As you can see, CurdBee is now more modular, and that benefits FREE users as well. While you previously needed to upgrade to CurdBee Plus to take advantage of our modules, even CurdBee FREE users can now add free modules like the CurdBee Push Notifications module.Have questions? We’re sure you do. Here are some FAQs for you to look through.I use CurdBee PRO now. What will happen to me?You’ll keep enjoying the same great billing service you always have! These pricing changes are purely optional. The only difference is that CurdBee PRO now refers to all CurdBee premium features. CurdBee’s advanced invoicing features such as PDF export and custom invoice notifications now come under a module known as CurdBee Plus. All former CurdBee PRO users will have this enabled by default.So, if I want use a custom domain, do I need to upgrade to CurdBee Plus?Yes. All the features that were formerly branded as CurdBee PRO now fall under the CurdBee Plus upgrade.And if I have a CurdBee Plus or any other module, I’m a CurdBee PRO user?That’s correct. Any user who uses a paid CurdBee module is a PRO user.I only want time tracking. How much will it cost me?Just $5/month! Thanks to this new module and pricing structure, you no longer need to enable CurdBee Plus to add other modules.I use CurdBee Standard Edition. What happens to me?You’re now a CurdBee FREE user, and you have access to free CurdBee modules such as our Push Notifications module. We felt that FREE better described what this tier of service was.I spend $15 a month on CurdBee Plus and two modules. Is it cheaper to go BIG?Yes, it is. If you upgrade to BIG right now, you get CurdBee Plus and all other CurdBee modules (6 premium + 4 free, as of now) for just $149/year. That’s less than $12.50 a month!Are all CurdBee modules and extensions $5 each?No. Some modules, such as the and 2Checkout gateway modules are $2 each. Others, like the CurdBee Snail Mail module and the CurdBee Push Notifications module are totally free. Visit your account’s Upgrade & Extend page to find out more.Sweetness! How can I get CurdBee BIG?This new pricing plan will go live along with the release of Time and Expense Tracking later this week. As soon as that happens, you can upgrade to BIG from your account’s Upgrade & Extend page.Still have something you’d like clarified? Sure! Post your question below, contact us on twitter or visit our support section.