Big Seasonal Savings with Bundles

It’s been a long, difficult year for everyone, but freelancers and small businesses in particular have borne the brunt of the recession. Economic instability means less work and less work means less pay, and less pay means, well, less money to spend on growth. Yet, as we’ve said before, we firmly believe that if there is a group that can make it out of this downturn and do it in style it’s SMEs freelancers.As a SME ourselves, we’re well aware that price is a big issue when putting together our workspaces. However, we also strongly believe that for small companies to work well they need to have the best tools for the job. In fact, with that in mind, we’ve been working on something that we’re now finally ready to reveal!With the year drawing to a close and CurdBee doing great, we’re excited to be able to give our loyal userbase a little something for the holidays. That’s right, after a good run in 2009 thanks to your constant feedback and encouragement, CurdBee is here and handing out the good stuff in the form of Bundles, a unique new promotion from your favourite online invoicing service.CurdBee bundles promo, only 200 up for grabsCool, right? While you’re at it though, be sure to look inside. This isn’t just $25/mo value for $10. This is the chance to get online invoicing forever for just a fraction of what you’d usually pay. While a PRO account usually costs $5/mo, now you get a chance to get everything we have to offer for just double that, a figure that will remain unchanged through future price revisions. As your invoicing needs grow, and we develop more modules, you can of course continue to add to your CurdBee package. The features you purchase with this Bundle however, will always be priced at $10/mo, no matter how long you stay with us.If you’re think about expansion and growth, and want to be sure that your invoicing package grows with you, now’s the time to plan ahead and get the features you know you will need in the months to come. So think about it, but don’t think too much – there are only 200 hundred of these offers available and if our initial research is anything to go by, they’ll be going like hotcakes.It’s the end of the year, and as you plan for the next, remember that despite the economy, we’re all going to grow together. So plot, plan, and consider a Bundle. It may be just what your small business needs right now!UPDATE: This offer is no longer available. If you like to get notified on similar offers in future, please subscribe to CurdBee Newsletter