CurdBee at LessConf

After weeks of doing everything from looking for paper and chasing printers to packing bags and shipping containers, we’re finally glad to announce that our LessConf swag is safely at the conference. A conference for web startups, LessConf is a run by the fine folks over at Less Everything, and we were delighted when they contacted us a few months back asking if we’d like to give away some swag to attendees.Having agreed to ship them something to put in the goodie bags they were giving away for the first 100 hotel room bookings, we set about printing and packaging. We didn’t know the process would take us all over Colombo, we didn’t know it would involve everyone at Vesess and we really, really didn’t know how to make a bag by hand.Now, we do. Thanks to the impending Sinhala and Tamil New Year, many local organisations were winding down this week and we thus ended up doing many of the little things ourselves. From folding and gluing bags to packing and labeling, the entire team got in on the fun, and leaving our laptops aside we rolled up our sleeves and got to work.Here are some shots of the process.Size Matters, Stay Small – T-shritPackaging processThe outcome - happy looking packsReady to shipAlready at the conference? If you were a part of the lucky few to book the first 100 rooms at the Artmore Hotel, you’ll get something fun from CurdBee free of charge. Happy LessConf!