CurdBee Bridge: Connecting the Dots

CurdBee Bridge - Import from Freshbooks and BlinksaleAt CurdBee, we’ve always been concerned with openness, and a big part of that is making sure that your data is accessible to you at all times. From our import and export via CSV feature to our fully documented API, we’ve tried to make getting your data in and out of CurdBee as easy as possible.Of course, while CurdBee did support CSV import from its early days, this was often a hassle and required a lot of post-import formatting, a task that became problematic if you had more than a few dozen records. Thus, with this in mind, and also remembering that a lot of our new users these days switch over to us from other popular online invoicing services like Freshbooks and Blinksale, we thought it was time to make data migration super easy, and with CurdBee Bridge, it is.A much requested feature, CurdBee Bridge connects your CurdBee account with other online invoicing platforms via their native <abbr=”Application Programming Interfaces”>APIs and allows you to import your clients, items and invoices in a few simple clicks. Although you can currently only import data from Freshbooks and Blinksale, rest assured that we’ll be adding more platforms based on demand.To make your life ever easier, we have compiled a support article covering all the steps involved in the process. Of course, if you still need any help in getting started with CurdBee Bridge, just visit our support section. A lot of you asked for this feature and we sincerely hope that a lot of you are happy right now!