CurdBee is Five

Five years ago, we launched CurdBee. With no funding, no experience, no marketing or promotional products — just a simple app, made by a rookie team, waiting for its users. For weeks, it was just crickets and tumbleweeds at CurdBee. And then Lifehacker happened.That kickstarted our journey with CurdBee. We made constant improvements and kept adding new features, and people kept signing up. Sri Lanka is no Silicon Valley, so you’d understand how we were just a little surprised by our own success. Here we were, a young team from the third world (we wear that badge with pride), our lead developer still an undergrad, admittedly punching above our weight, and winning at the startup game.CurdBee CakeOur attempt at baking a cake – not bad, eh?Many things have changed for the better since those early days. Our team has grown in size and confidence, gained more knowledge and experience, and financially we’re much more stable. As we celebrate CurdBee’s fifth birthday, we have much to look forward to, and many people to thank.Lakshan was the lead developer of CurdBee for four years, and he was the one who ignited our love affair with RoR. He has since moved on from Vesess, and could now be seen hacking at Nitrous.IO. Lakshan will always have our best wishes.Our users are our source of motivation. Nothing makes us happier than to know that CurdBee is making life easier for tens of thousands of freelancers and small business owners. Being a small business ourselves, we share their aspirations and concerns. We are committed to creating the best possible online billing experience for you guys. Here’s for five more brilliant years together!