CurdBee PDF invoices just got a whole lot better!

CurdBee PRO users have had the option of exporting invoices as PDF files for some time now. However, the initial implementation of this feature was pretty barebone and had several formatting issues. So last week, we took the time to do a revamp of our PDF machinery. The result? Kinda awesome, even if we do say so ourselves.Simple invoice template in PDFOur new PDF generation process is powered by WKHTMLTOPDF, which is a shell utility tool based on the webkit rendering engine and qt. It can seamlessly convert any HTML page to PDF while preserving all CSS styling and formatting, and well, that’s exactly what we wanted. The integration of this tool in to our Rails app was a cinch thanks to this plugin called WickedPDF.We also redesigned the app’s Printer-friendly view to align with the new PDF view, and as some of you requested, now both the PDF and Printer-friendly versions of each invoice will show your custom logo.Here is a sample PDF generated through CurdBee. If you’d also like to send easy and awesome PDF invoices like this, consider upgrading to CurdBee PRO today!