CurdBee: PDFs to go

We’ve been doing some hacking, and PDFs in CurdBee are now prettier and more efficient than ever. Here are some of the features to look for in this new update. If you like, you can grab the sample PDF so you’ll know exactly what we’re talking about.CurdBee Invoice PDF Version in US Letter Paper

A more prominent Due Amount field that will hopefully grab the attention of your clients.

Fold marks that will help you fold the invoice so it fits in a size #10 double windowed envelope.

A wider left margin so filing is super easy.

The new (optional) Payment Stub, for clients that prefer to pay with some paperwork.

Want to know more? Here are the new features in detail.

Snail Mail Ready

Firstly, PDFs are optimized now optimized for snail mail. Not only do they fit in size #10 double windowed envelopes, which makes snail mail super easy, but we’ve also gone ahead and added fold marks so that preparing them for departure is a no-brainer. Just print, fold and send!Invoice Inside Size #10 Envelop

Easy to File

If having hard copies of everything is important to you or your clients, you’re going to like this small but useful tweak. Our new PDF template leaves ample room on the left so invoices can be punched, clipped and slipped into files with ease.

Attach to PDF email

Attach PDF invoice to emailAs simple as our usual email invoices are, sometimes nothing says “pay me, please!” like a good old fashioned PDF attachment. With this CurdBee update, you now have the option of including a PDF version with every invoice email you send out. Of course, once the client has completed all payments, you can also have CurdBee sent a fully paid invoice as a PDF. In fact, PDFs can be attached to any reminder or acknowledgement email sent by CurdBee. Awesome, huh? This was a much requested feature and we hope you guys enjoy it.

More prominence to Due Amount

This is an important field, and we’ve finally given it the prominence it deserves. Not only is the text more eye catching, but it also provides a nice logical end to the invoice. We also hope that it will get you paid quicker now and then! A freelancer can dream, right?

Payment Stub

Including a snail mail ready payment stub on your invoices is now an option. We hope that this feature will be useful when accepting payments from clients to whom you send paper invoices. Just head to Settings > System Preferences to turn it on by default for all your invoices.

Estimates Updated Too

Apart from the payment stub and due date features (which are obviously not applicable), Estimates have received all the updates that Invoices just got as well. If you have the Estimates Module enabled on your CurdBee account, these changes will be noticeable right away.More Updates Soon!Well, we hope you enjoy these new features! We’ve been working on them for a while, and you’ll be happy to learn that they tie right into our next big update as well – CurdBee Snail Mail! More on this in the weeks to come. :)