CurdBee Time Tracking, Expenses and Dashboard Reports

The feature trilogy – it’s here. Time Tracking, Expenses and Dashboard Reports. Three things that will make your CurdBee experience 3x as awesome.You’ve tried out Time and Expense Tracking and you like it. To enable these modules for your account, just sign into CurdBee, head over to your Upgrade & Extend page, enable the Time Tracking and Expenses modules and be on your way in a matter of seconds. Look at those shiny new tabsIf you’re a PRO user, Dashboard Reports should greet you as you login to your CurdBee account today. The data presented in them will expand as you enable the Estimates, Time Tracking and Expenses modules in turn.and these pretty, pretty graphs.If you’re not a CurdBee PRO user, now’s the time to go upgrade to CurdBee BIG and get Invoicing, Estimates, Recurring Profiles, Time Tracking and Expenses for just $149/year. Really, there’s no better way to experience these brand new features than to get them all together, and for next to nothing at that.Happy Time/Expense Tracking, everyone. Good luck, have fun, go BIG!