Getting started with the CurdBee Partner Programme

The CurdBee Partner Program is out, and that means that now, apart from managing all your all invoice matters with CurdBee, you can also use it to pad your wallet. How?Currently in private beta, the CBPP is CurdBee’s affiliate programmes with a difference. Unlike other partnership schemes, the revenue you can earn from our new venture is not limited to a one time referral fee. Instead, we pay you as long as we earn from your referrals.Link, Refer and Earn ForeverIt’s that simple! After creating a CurdBee affiliate account, visit our Materials section, copy one of the HTML excerpts given with a banner, and paste it into your blog or community page. Now, any CurdBee user registering through your banner link will be registered as a referral from you and you will earn from him as long as he or she remains with us. For example, if the user subscribes to the CurdBee Pro monthly upgrade, you will earn 20% of what we make from that subscriber every month!CurdBee Partner BannersCurdBee Partner BannersDon’t have a blog? Not a problem. You can still be a CurdBee affiliate! If you use Twitter, the Retweet link at the top of Materials section is for you. Clicking on the Retweet button will prompt you to enter your twitter logins and the CurdBee affiliate link will be copied to your Twitter account. Of course, this affiliate link can also be used anywhere from email and forum signatures to chat status messages.CurdBee Partner RetweetCurdBee Partner RetweetAdd Your Own touchOne of CBPP’s newest features is the Custom Banner section which you can find under the Materials page. Here, we provide editable PNGs of CurdBee materials which you can use to create your own banners and start your own CurdBee referral campaign.Customisable BannersCustomisable BannersAfter designing your own banner, follow these steps to get it setup with CBPP.
  1. Upload the banner you created to some online storage space (Flickr, Imageshack, personal webspace).
  2. Copy one of the default CurdBee excerpts from the Materials section.
  3. Replace the src field of the IMG tag of the default banner with the link of your new custom banner.
Say It Your WayHere at Curdbee we all speak a language other than English, and we know many of you would probably like to promote CurdBee in your own language. To get going, all you have to do is to change the ALT tag text in the default banner HTML excerpt. For example, if you want to use Spanish, change the ALT tag to “Me encanta la facturación con CurdBee” from the default which is “I love invoicing with CurdBee”.Share and Win Curdbee Pro!Seriously? Yes! All you have to do is to send your custom designed CurdBee banner to We will select the best CurdBee banner design and will award a one year CurdBee Pro account to the winner. Whose will it be? You decide.