Global Billing

We launched CurdBee as a simple billing solution for SMEs and freelancers. Today, we take that goal to the next level. With this latest CurdBee update, we’re going global. After launching CurdBee in June, the ability to bill in other currencies was one of the main feature requests we got. Pounds, Euros, Yen and Kroners were some of the currencies requested, and we roll out this update with support for all of them, and then some.Apart from setting a default currency, you can also specify currencies on a client by client basis, making it possible to bill Europe, North America and Asia all at the same time (yes, support for the Sri Lankan Rupee and the Indian Rupee are included).Listening, learning, evolving – that’s what Vesess has always been about, and we believe these values are reflected in this quick update to a service you have come to know and love. Keep those comments coming, and watch as we bring you more and more of the features you’d like to see.Happy global billing!