Going PRO

Dear CurdBee Fans,It’s hard to believe we’re finally here. After months of development and testing, and agonising about design decisions, we finally launched CurdBee PRO about a week ago. Even though we were confident of its quality, we wanted to start small with this release because we knew that our regulars would find little bugs that needed to be ironed out. Come to think of it, now’s probably the time to say thanks to them. So, thanks guys! We couldn’t have done it without you.In any case, a week, and many squashed bugs later, we’re here, and ready to go PRO in style! In terms of functionality, there is a lot of new stuff in this version. Of course, while we certainly hope you will, you don’t have to upgrade to PRO to enjoy some new goodies. The FREE version also received several new enhancements, including access to all known currencies, the ability to export your billing data to a CSV file, and the option of selecting the unit of measurement for each line item, a feature that was requested by freelancers who charge on a daily or weekly basis. The FREE version also gets a brand new streamlined workspace, which includes smart invoicefiltering, the quick preview of invoices, and a live preview feature during brand customisations.As fun as CurdBee FREE Is, if you’re serious about your billing there’s a good chance that you’re going to want to go PRO. With SSL Encryption, PDF support, and the ability to have multiple contacts per client, CurdBee PRO has received a plethora of new features. The new Reminder and Thank You email feature is an option that many power users will find use for, and this, coupled with Customisable Email Notifications, will give you the ability to run a truly professional billing rig. With zero CurdBee branding, and the ability to account for taxes and discounts automatically, PRO is really packed full of new and exciting features, and at 5$ a month, we’d be crazy not to call this a bargain. I mean, it’s cheaper than a pizza, for crying out loud!Of course, the beauty of PRO is far from skin deep. Thanks to some furious hacking by Lakshan, PRO also comes with support for Extensions, a feature that really opens up the platform for further development. So far, Recurring Billing is one of the more popular Extensions, and is a feature that will probably attract freelancers in particular, thanks to its easy tracking of daily, weekly or monthly billing options. The addition of an alternative payment gateway in the form of 2Checkout is also an Extension that is sure to draw interest, especially in countries where Paypal and Google Checkout are not supported.Whether you’re running a SME, or are just a freelancer looking to move to a simpler billing solution, rest assured that CurdBee can adapt to suit your specific needs. As you go and sign up for the first time, or upgrade to PRO, please do drop by our forums and tell us what you think of your CurdBee experience. Since we’ve jumped this hurdle, and shipped out a major release, we’re now going to throw ourselves into developing the Extensions you need, so please do tell us what you’d like to see next!Thank you,The Very Happy Hackers at CurdBee