Hello, B Labs!

We recently had the privilege of working with the fine folks at B Labs, an embedded software technology startup that aims to change how the embedded systems industry works. Have a look at what we did for them, and then read on for an interview with Bahadir Balban, their CEO.Bahadir Balban, CEO of B LabsWhere did B Labs come from? What is your vision for the company?We want to change the way mobile platforms are designed by making the virtualization layer as standard in all mobile devices. In servers, virtualization is well recognized, but in mobile devices, there is either an operating system, baremetal software, or real-time software. A hypervisor is a layer that brings all of them into one runtime.In a competitive and yet highly technical field, how does B Labs differentiate itself from its competition?There are several hypervisors out there for mobile platforms. All of them are focused on a proprietary niche. Today there is no wide acceptance of any solution. We want to use a strategy that starts small, but eventually influences the industry to adopt the technology.What is the biggest hurdle facing the virtualization industry of today?The biggest hurdle is that a hypervisor is seen as an additional layer among the aforementioned hardware and the OS, and current vendors could not make a sufficiently compelling value proposition to ignite the change.What is the best part about working in the field?Best part is that we might have a modest chance to make a change in a deep technology area that affects the mobile industry.Why did you come to Vesess for your website revamp? What did you like about the experience, and what can we do better next time?I think Vesess design talent is top notch. I believe with the budget we had you did the best, but if we had a greater budget, one step up would be also collecting information from us that would make our side less of a blocking factor in progress.