Hello, Hiveage!

At long last, we are proud to announce that Hiveage is now live. Yes, as of right now, anyone and everyone has access to our brand new online invoicing system.Remember, though Hiveage is similar to CurdBee in terms of functionality, it was re-imagined and re-developed from the ground up, meaning that it’s going to do pretty much everything not only faster, but better. But don’t take our word for it! Why don’t you take it for a spin?In fact, as of now, all new Hiveage sign ups will enjoy a trial of our premium features till March 1st, 2014. That means that you get everything we have to offer until then! In short, now’s the time to try it out.Also, if you’re an existing CurdBee paid user and choose to migrate to Hiveage, you will always pay only what you’ve been paying for your CurdBee subscription (you will stay on your old pricing plan, and these new plans won’t apply to you). But don’t worry, even if you’d like to try before you buy, you can run both CurdBee and Hiveage side by side until June 2014, after which all existing CurdBee accounts will be migrated to Hiveage.Needless to say, if you used CurdBee Free, you will be able to do everything you did on that account with Hiveage Free. As always, we are fully committed to providing online invoicing services to small businesses of all shapes and sizes, and if that means some of you send unlimited invoices for free, forever, then more power to ya!Finally, though Hiveage is out of private beta and now live for you to use, we’re going to be hard at work fixing bugs and adding functionality as we go along. Thus, if you find something you think needs fixing, please let us know.In closing, we’d like to thank Chad Cox, Shaun Preece, Joshua Waldman, Jennifer Calzada, Brent KiserCollin A. Zimmerman, Micah Rich and John Forbes for their support throughout the Hiveage Beta. A big thank you to all our loyal CurdBee users and our other Hiveage beta testers as well. We wouldn’t have been able to do this without you guys. We look forward to serving all of you better. Here’s to a Hiveage New Year!