Hello, Partner!

So, you’ve been using CurdBee for some time now, and you’re happy with it. We’re glad! In fact, we’re so glad that we’re going to help you get cool stuff by getting your friends involved as well. With our new Partner Program, you earn when we earn!So, how does it work?Basically, you refer a friend to CurdBee. If she or he becomes a CurdBee PRO user, you get 20% of the revenue we earn from that person, forever. Yes, you heard us right. For as long as your friend stays with CurdBee, you’ll get 1/5th of what they pay us.Are you serious?Yes, totally, totally serious. We even put together a whole new application for it! In fact, even though it was originally written to scratch an itch, we think we just might release it in the near future. Although we did do some research when we were brainstorming our partner program, many of the existing solutions were limited in terms of functionality and didn’t have some of the specific features we required such as the ability to track referrals for free signups and have their details update automatically when they upgraded to Pro or added modules to their accounts.In particular, many applications didn’t have the option of tracking and rewarding a referring partner throughout the lifespan of the customers they brought us. This was a deal breaker for us, and we thought it would be best to put together our own software.Affiliate app referralsKeep track of all your referrals.Affiliate app earningsAnd how much you’re making.So, how would I get people to sign up?That’s totally up to you. From email to twitter, banner ads to instant messages, you’re free to use any means you like to get people to sign up for CurdBee. In fact, our referral application has promotional tools built right into it.Affiliate_app_materialsChoose how you’d like to spread the word.Wow! When is this going live?Now! Yeah, from this moment – we’re currently in the process of sending out beta invites, so if you haven’t been checking your inbox, you should definitely start hitting that refresh button. If you missed the CurdBee newsletter and would still like to try this out, you can opt in for the beta anyway. How cool is that?Developers and those interested in the functionality of our affiliate application itself will also be pleased to note that we hope to eventually make it available as a service to more small teams with similar needs to ours. But, all in good time. For now we’re just focusing on making it work for the Bee.That about wraps it up for this update. To all our loyal users – thanks! We’re truly grateful for your continued support of CurdBee, and hope that you’ll use the Partner Program to reap some rewards for your advocacy.