Improvements for Recurring Profiles in CurdBee

Recurring Profiles is one of the important add-ons available in CurdBee. Recently we sat down to evaluate its current workflow and decided to work on a string of improvements to make it more useful and intuitive. We have already made substantial progress on this front and decided to ship some of the improvements we made to Recurring Profiles in the last couple of days.

New recurring profile view

Similar to the invoice/estimate view, a recurring profile will also have its own view. Along with this view, several handy options such as duplicate profile, close/reopen profile were introduced for recurring profiles. Also, using the Profile Activity section you can easily see all the invoices created from a profile.

Delivery options

We have extended email sending enhancements, which we did previously to recurring profiles as well. By clicking on Delivery Options, you can choose the recipients, customize the message and select whether to attach the PDF copy of the invoice.These settings will be used when a new invoice is created and sent from a recurring profile. You can set Delivery Options to any of your existing recurring profiles as well. The change will be reflected in the next occurrence of your profile.

Use dynamic time variables

Often you will need to specify time values in a recurring profile’s note and line item descriptions. It would be cumbersome if you need to edit the recurring profile each time to update these values before it got recurred. So we have added a set of dynamic time variables that you can use in notes and line item descriptions. These variables will be converted to actual values when an invoice is created from the profile.

Adding variables to item description in profile edit mode

Variables are auto converted to appropriate values when generating the invoice

Here is the full list of dynamic time variables you can use:
  • {{month}}
  • {{last-month}}
  • {{next-month}}
  • {{year}}
  • {{last-year}}
  • {{next-year}}
  • {{quarter}}
  • {{last-quarter}}
  • {{next-quarter}}
Find more on the above variables from this article.We’ll continue to work on making the Recurring Profiles add-on even more robust. We are hoping to share these exciting features with you as soon as possible.If you aren’t using recurring profiles yet, these improvements would be a good reason to give it a try.