Introducing Bills with Hiveage

CurdBee helps you streamline your invoicing process, from sending an invoice to accepting the payment and issuing a payment receipt. With Hiveage we take it one step further: now you can stay on top of your incoming invoices as well, using the new Bills feature. Bills are merely the opposite of Invoices: when vendors and service providers send their invoices to you, they become bills from your perspective.You can create a bill in Hiveage the same way you create an invoice, the only difference being bills are always from a vendor to you:The new bills section in HiveageYou can specify the due date and also attach the original bill for future reference. Hiveage will notify you when the bill turns due. That way you will never miss a due date and won’t have to worry about surcharges. In the coming weeks we hope to improve the Bills section with these additional features:

Convert Incoming Invoices to Bills

You will be able to convert incoming invoices from other Hiveage users to a bill of yours with a single click. In addition to storing and managing all your bills from a single location, it will also offer you the option to settle them right inside your Hiveage account, provided your vendor accepts payments via our supported payment gateways.

Create Recurring Profiles for Bills

We often receive routine bills at regular intervals, like phone and utility bills. You will be able to automate the creation of bills for these by using Hiveage’s recurring profiles feature for Bills. We hope you’ll love the new Bills section in Hiveage. It’s just one of many new features we’re introducing with this next version of CurdBee. Please stay tuned to our blog for updates on how we plan to make Hiveage the best billing app for you!