Introducing Colomboard

If you’re a Sri Lankan willing to sell stuff online, you don’t have many options. It’s only now, after so many years, that we even hear rumours about PayPal coming to the country. The banks in Sri Lanka will laugh you off if you’re a small business asking for a payment gateway. This actually happened to us in 2004, so we incorporated in the US.This, of course, is not an option for most Sri Lankans. There are so many creative freelancers and small business here who would greatly benefit from an online store, yet have none available. Instead of complaining about it, we went ahead and built one. Meet Colomboard. Drawing inspiration from Pinterest and Etsy, we have created a platform for Sri Lankans to share their creations and experiences. Products from the most popular designers among them will then be featured on our online store.We have been running a private beta of Colomboard for several weeks now. At the moment it’s full of food posts from our users, because this is our Food Month. Colomboard Store, going live next week, will feature products from our first batch of featured designers: AccessoryFort, Scribble!, Orange Peel, Teo Fager Ties, and Art, Craft & all that.We’re excited about this first exclusively Sri Lankan venture of ours. The creativity on display is impressive. We’ll do our best to nurture it, and create more opportunities for these talented people.