Meet Hiveage, a re-imagined CurdBee

CurdBee has been our flagship product for five years. And what five years they have been! With CurdBee, we got to know many amazing people from all over the world: entrepreneurial men and women who are passionate about what they do, and had the guts to build their own businesses. We understand our users, because in many ways our journeys have been similar.Today, we take another big step in that journey together. For months we have been talking about a CurdBee 2.0, a new platform that will beat the limitations of CurdBee, and provide our users with many much-requested features (and more!) Meet Hiveage, our brand new approach to billing.The ability to manage multiple businesses from a single account, multiple team members, recurring billing, super flexible taxes and discounts – these are some of the new features we introduce with Hiveage. A simple, fast, intuitive user interface ties them all together. While Hiveage is the successor to CurdBee, it is a totally independent product built from scratch to be more extensible. This is the app we want to bill with: if CurdBee is any indication, that’s a pretty good sign!
Hiveage invoice screen
Hiveage is a big improvement over CurdBee, both in terms of features and ease-of-use.
We have just started inviting users to test Hiveage, and everyone who has requested invitations will receive them eventually. There are still some sections in the app that are not quite ready for prime time, but these too will be completed soon. We plan to go public within a few weeks from today. Please stay tuned to our blog for updates on Hiveage, the app that will replace CurdBee.P.S. Someone asked us how to pronounce Hiveage. It rhymes with mileage. The name is a continuation of our bee theme, but we decided to drop the milk from the mix :)