Meeting Asia

As islanders separated from the Asian mainland, we sometimes tend to get ourselves engrossed in our own little universes, like the Hobbits you’d come across in Tolkien’s Middle Earth. Even though this is comforting, it could lull someone into a false sense of security while the world moves on. So once in a while, we travel outside to mingle with the crowd.Last week Sameera and I attended the RedDot Ruby Conference in Singapore. As a microcosm of Asia, Singapore is a wonderful place to get to know people from all parts of the continent and beyond. We were pleasantly surprised to see the large Ruby community in Singapore. We were also introduced to the colourful life and delicious food of the city state by our fellow geeks.As a general rule, Ruby community is one of the most progressive ones and conferences tend to have many a new things to talk about. Keeping up with the tradition, RedDot hosted some key speakers such as Jim WeirichAaron Patterson, José Valim. We enjoyed many other lively sessions too.As the largest population center on Earth, it’s always nice to see Asia rising as a technology hub. For startups this is especially welcoming news because of the growing developer base. Thanks RedDot Ruby conf for the fantastic opportunity to meet such great people. Here’s for more worthy contributions from Asia in the future!