New CurdBee Feature: Client Invoice History

If you’re a busy freelancer or run a budding SME, you probably send invoices frequently. In fact, sometimes you may even forget who owes you what. At CurdBee, we’re always looking for ways to make your online invoicing experience better, and this new feature update comes out of that brainstorming process.Client Invoice HistoryThe rationale behind it is something like this – you usually want to know as much about the client you’re invoicing as possible, and that includes his or her payment history. Starting today, you’ll see a client’s recent invoicing history on the sidebar of every invoice or estimate creation screen. Just create a new invoice/estimate, select a client and watch his or her invoice history load automagically.So, what can you do with this information? You could, for example, decide whether you want to allow partial payments or not, set a reasonable due to date based on the client’s propensity to pay on time or think about how much of a discount you’d like to give him or her. In the end, this just provides some context for your invoicing, and we hope it helps!