Our Social Media Marketing Strategy

Social Media Marketing is a recent addition to organizations’ integrated marketing communications plans. Integrated marketing communications is a principle organizations follow to connect with their targeted markets. (Wikipedia)LOL.Social Media Marketing is the new SEO. Everyone does it, but very few do it right. You see it everywhere, from twitter to the mainstream media, it spawns thousands of experts every day and we now get spam that promises to teach us how to help us leverage Social Media to expand our product’s reach.Hahaha! Leverage.Social Media Marketing is a misnomer. If, as a small business, you approach Twitter as a marketing tool, you have failed already. If you refer to your customers as a market, the battle is already lost. They’re people. If you’re approaching social media as an integrated marketing environment, your semantics have already cost you.People don’t like marketing, especially in a medium that is supposed to be about conversation People hate the dickbar because it disrupts the flow of tweets with marketing. It’s like a door-to-door salesman turning up at your party and asking if you’d like to try out new cleaning gloves.We’re a small business. We don’t build loyalty and increased engagement through ongoing conversation and brand experience. We don’t synergise. We don’t leverage. We don’t drive advocacy.We talk to our users.We don’t have a social media expert here at Vesess. We have a product, we have users and we like to be the in-between. We all watch our Twitter stream. Everyone gets support emails. We reply every request, talk to every user like they are a person, and if some idiot with Social Media in his Twitter profile wants to call that engaging in conversations, then so be it. We don’t however, call it marketing.It’s support, a company looking out for its customers, accepting their criticism and responding to it in an open, public environment. We want to be accountable to our users. We want to treat them like people. This has always be a top priority for us, and we’re not about to call them influencers.So, what’s our Social Media Marketing Strategy? We don’t really have one.If you’re a small business or freelancer, we’d love to know – what’s yours?