Payvee for CurdBee

Many CurdBee users don’t know about us, Vesess, the company behind the app. We don’t mind that – the app has its own identity and brand after all. Problems arose, however, when they got confused upon seeing an unknown VESESS INC. on their credit card statements, and worse, seeing the state as Nevada (which has an unfortunate association with gambling related online fraud).To address this issue, we recently launched - Vesess payment hubCurdBee subscription charges will now appear as PAYVEE.COM on our users’ credit card statements, and a quick check online will tell them it’s for CurdBee. As we offer more apps through Vesess in the future, will continue to be our payment hub.

2CheckOut Update

We also fixed a nagging issue with our 2CheckOut add-on: payments made through this gateway weren’t getting registered on CurdBee, which has now been taken care of. Please read the updated support article to see how you can integrate 2CheckOut into CurdBee.