Retiring Google Checkout

Google Checkout has been the second most popular payment gateway among our users. It was available as a free add-on for anyone using CurdBee, and we hardly had any complaints about failed payments or delayed settlements. However, now that Google has decided to retire Google Checkout, we are getting tons of emails asking what we have on cards for existing Google Checkout users. This is our plan:CurdBee will continue to support Google Checkout till October 31, 2013. We will discontinue the Google Checkout add-on offered in our Upgrade section thereafter. Current users of Google Checkout will have to go ahead with one of the available payment gateway add-ons (we have partnered with e-onlinedata to provide a complete online payment solution based on Wallet is Google’s replacement for Checkout, “a free digital wallet that securely stores your credit cards, debit cards, offers and more”. We plan to offer an add-on for it with CurdBee 2.0.Update on October 29, 2013: We’ll be discontinuing the Google Checkout add-on on November 01 at GMT 00:00.