Ruby Advent

As a Catholic, to me, Christmas has always been about giving. Of course, this time around I thought I’d go the extra mile and share some virtual love with geeks everywhere. Inspired by 24 Ways, I decided to do my part this season by writing an article a day on something that is very dear to me – Ruby.Focused on tips, tricks and hacks to try out during these few weeks, Ruby Advent aims to be a resource for newbies and veterans alike. As we reflect on the year gone by, and spend time with the people we care about this holiday season, it’s also good to look to the future, and exercise our collective brain power in anticipation of one of the most challenging years ahead. Ruby Advent is a chance to make some friends, hack some code, and stay in the spirit of the season throughout.Of course, the main focus of Ruby Advent is community, and in this vein I’d like to thank the people who linked, and these guys who contributed, and many, many others for getting behind us and powering this project through.Whether you’re a hobbyist, hacker or code machine extraordinaire, it should be obvious by now that the Ruby community has hacks and hugs galore to give this season. Join the party at Ruby Advent and see what we’re talking about!