Save Big on CurdBee and Hiveage

Our annual Thanksgiving promo is here! For 48 hours starting from Monday, December 2 EST 00:00 (UTC -0500) we will offer the all-inclusive CurdBee BIG yearly package for just $119 (You save 41%). There will only be 100 packs available on offer, so be ready to grab them as soon as the promotion goes live. Enter your email in the form below to get alerts 12 hours and 6 hours before it begins.In addition to the 41% saving on CurdBee BIG subscription, you will also enjoy:Early access to CurdBee 2.0 (Hiveage): If you haven’t yet tried Hiveage Beta, you’ll receive an invitation right away upon going BIG. You can continue to use CurdBee on full throttle but also get familiar with Hiveage. After all, there’s only a few weeks more before we move on to Hiveage from CurdBee.Upon the public release of Hiveage, when your account is migrated from CurdBee, you will be offered the following additional features at no extra cost:
  • Multi-user access: You can add an additional user and change his/her access levels.
  • 10 auto-billing profiles: With Hiveage you can auto-bill your client’s credit card periodically for subscriptions. You will get 10 such subscription profiles with this package.
  • Additional payment gateways: You can enable the new gateway add-ons we introduce (Braintree, PayPal PRO and Google Wallet) at no extra cost.
With Hiveage, you will save more than 50% per year with this promotion, as the subscription will stay fixed.We think this is a pretty sweet deal as we say goodbye to CurdBee and look forward to Hiveage. Btw, since our Hiveage pricing announcement last week, we have been getting dozens of emails from paying users of CurdBee inquiring whether the new pricing is going to affect them. As we said in the post itself, the existing paying users (both monthly and yearly), including anyone subscribed by 31st December 2013, will get the same price fixed for life time in Hiveage. The only change would be in instances where the Hiveage subscription would cost less than CurdBee (e.g. payment gateway add-ons): for such users, we give the benefit by applying the new pricing.