Secure Billing for All!

For much of CurdBee’s lifespan, SSL secure billing has been a PRO feature. Then again, when CurdBee went live, the web was a very different place. Most webmail providers only secured their login process and nearly everyone still transmitted everything except passwords as plain text. We offered SSL secured billing to all CurdBee PRO users.Those days are over.Secure web transactions are no longer a feature of web applications. They are a must. So, starting this holiday season, CurdBee offers free TLS/SSL secured billing for all users*.Head over to and notice that it quickly becomes https://. Security shouldn’t be optional, right?We’ve also made sure that your cookies are encrypted as well, and this means that nobody can use session hijacking techniques like those deployed Firesheep, the Firefox extension developed to demonstrate the problem. This means that existing PRO users will also have a safer SSL experience starting today.So, why are we giving a former value-added feature for free? Because times change and business models should as well. :) CurdBee PRO has a ton of great features that make upgrading more than worthwhile, but we just felt that security should be a given, not a plus.We hope you enjoy this new feature, and as always, we’d love to hear what you have to say!*Please note that users who use a custom domain for their CurdBee account URL will not be able to access invoices via SSL at this time.