Small Tweaks. Big differences.

We know most of you enjoy using CurdBee for your business’ billing needs. Being a small team from Sri Lanka, we’re always spiffed to see a tool we built to scratch our itch helps thousands of others across the globe. Of course, we also love listening to you and and adding new features. As we push out this new update, here are some of the new bells and whistles you should be looking for.Total BilledMany of you requested this feature, mentioning how convenient it would be for you when making your balance sheets. We’ve added an extra column in the invoices section that shows the total amount billed.Your Name on All NotificationsDid invoices sent through CurdBee confuse your clients and end up in their spam folder? From now on all invoice notifications will use your business name when sending email.Format your Item DescriptionsNeed your invoices to be more descriptive? Now you have the freedom to do basic formatting on item descriptions (using Textile syntax) such as adding line-breaks, emphasizing text and even adding links.Custom Due DatesDon’t you wish your clients would pay up on time so you can throw that massive New Year’s Eve party? With this newest update, you can now specify custom due-dates for your invoices. Click away, and party hard!Better custom brandingWorried about your company colour not being in the colour pallete? With this update we introduce a new color picker which allows you to create custom tints and shades. Now it’s even easier to make sure those colours keep flying!Please let us know if you experience any issues with these new additions. We love squashing bugs (but not bees, obviously) with large objects. As always, we’re also looking for more suggestions on how to make CurdBee better. Our support mail box and forum are always open, and we love hearing from you, so please write in! As for us, we’ll be here as usual, hacking away.Stay tuned for more great releases from the CurdBee team!