Use your own domains with CurdBee!

Since our launch, one of the most frequent feature requests we received was on using your own domain name for outgoing invoices and estimates. After spending a bit of time to figure out the best way to offer this feature, with the latest release we have finally rolled out the facility of using custom domain names to all CurdBee PRO users.CurdBee - Invoice from your own domainThis means that you can now send invoices to your clients from your own URL, like This would no doubt make your invoices look even more professional. Of course, if you are happy using the default subdomain with for your invoices, you can continue to use it as you have been doing so far.

Getting Started

The process of configuring your own domain (or subdomain) with CurdBee is simple. First, you will need to create a new CNAME record entry for your domain, which should be a subdomain like .To add a new CNAME Record for your domain, use the DNS panel of your domain registrar. There, enter the subdomain you wish to use as the Name. For example, if you want to use then enter ‘www’ as the name. Then enter your current CurdBee subdomain (i.e. as the corresponding value to your CNAME (some DNS interfaces may label it as Host Name or Data). Next, you will need to update your CurdBee settings. Login to your CurdBee account, and go to Settings > Company Profile. There, scroll down to the section called Custom Domain and specify the full domain name you want to assign to your CurdBee account (for example Click Save Changes and you’re ready to go!You can now create and send a test invoice to verify whether the URL change has been successfully applied.

Please Note

It may take up to 48 hours for your DNS changes to propagate throughout the Internet. During this period your custom URL may not be accessible from all geographical regions. Please verify that your new URL is reachable before sending out invoices. Also please note that custom domains will be used only on your external invoices and estimates (which are sent to the clients). To access the CurdBee app, you will still need to use your CurdBee subdomain.If you run into any issues when configuring this feature, feel free to contact us.