Introducing Vesess Alpha Grants for Sri Lankan Students

A hundred thousand rupees is hardly the kind of money that would get you anywhere if you’re planning to start a technology business. Back when we were starting Vesess, though, that’s all we could gather. We were just out of school and thoroughly broke. When I couldn’t contribute my share of twenty thousand rupees, my fellow co-founders each pitched in with an extra five thousand to cover for me.

A hundred thousand rupees is the kind of money that could start a company like Vesess. It could be the first step in a challenging yet rewarding entrepreneurial journey that might eventually lead to working with clients big and small, in Sri Lanka and beyond. Perhaps it would be the initial capital for trying out a project idea that would eventually become a product serving customers around the world.

A hundred thousand rupees is the value of a Vesess Alpha grant.

Vesess Alpha is our attempt at supporting Sri Lankan students to take on a coding challenge of their choice. We hope the grant would help them validate their work so that they can be continued as startups, research projects or even just as hobbies. A Vesess Alpha grant is not a loan or an investment: it is offered with no strings attached.

We hope to run Vesess Alpha twice a year. In this inaugural edition, we have five grants for university students. Successful applicants are awarded grants of Rs. 100,000 to work on their projects for 3 months under the guidance and mentorship of the Vesess team. We accept applications from both individuals and teams of up to 3 members.

The deadline to submit your application is January 1, 2018. Check out the site, read the FAQ, and submit your application today!