We Are Nine!

Back in 2008 when our last redesign went live, Colombo was a rather grim place. It was known for things like barricades, checkpoints, armed policemen, and even suicide bombers. It was at such a time that we launched CurdBee. We were optimists.The war has ended, and Colombo has changed. So have we. Vesess is nine years old today. What a journey it has been!We couldn’t have started any smaller, but we had pretty big dreams even in those early days. Some of them have come true, but you know how it goes – we are even more ambitious now. Our site gets a redesign to communicate these new goals. We even made a little video to go with it. I hope our optimism shines through these frames.
2013 is going to be a big year for us. The Vesess team is already working on the next major update to CurdBee. If things go according to plan (and they have so far), it should be ready by mid this year.Updated Vesess logo outilnedA stronger team, a better logo, a new site – these are some small steps on our journey ahead. 2013 is going to be exciting :)