From Web D to Web Apps

As our more regular readers may already know, Vesess began as a web design firm. What can we say? It was the early 2000s, and web design was hot. If there’s anything the Internet has taught us over the past half-decade, however, it’s this – things change. And that’s exactly what we have done.As you may have noticed, we set the tone for this shift in focus a while back with our v4 design, by changing our tagline to design + code. What are we saying? We hired some code monkeys, and well, things are paying off, chum! We’re not allowed to talk specifics yet (Lankitha does terrible things to people who leak info), but rest assured that the first line of web apps from Vesess is just around the corner.What kind of web apps, you ask? Social networking? Well, sorta. Think of it as social networking for small businesses. A matchmaking service for startups. As we said earlier though, that’s about all we can say for now. There is, however, one small favour you can do for us.Fill out this wee survey, and help us understand what you, as a small business owner, want from a web app aimed at making your life easier. What do you get from it? Well, we’re all out of cookies, but how does 25$ sound?25$ for filling out a survey? Yes. And no, we do not require your Credit Card number to verify your personal details.