More than a redesign

Welcome to v4. You may notice our site design, and of course, this new weblog. The online reincarnation you see was not just done for kicks (thought we admit, nitpicking the design was mad fun). It also reflects a shift in focus for us as a company.

Christened Bherunda after the mythical bird of the Ancient Kandyan tradition (as seen in the footer), the new design is finally here, and we couldn’t be more excited. As someone who’s responsible for weaving in all the different aspects of the Vesess experience in to the site’s content, it’s been a pleasure watching all the pieces of this exotic beast come together to form what can only be described as a beautiful, Web Standards friendly puzzle built with XHTML, CSS and lots of love.

With plenty of whitespace, clear fonts and soft backgrounds, v4 reflects who we have become. No longer a startup, not yet a multinational, we’re stepping out in to corporate no man’s land with this design. With many happy clients under our belt, we feel we’re beyond bandying words. You know how we perform, you know that we deliver. We thought we’d sit back and let our results do the talking.

Speaking of steps, we’ve also taken a leap in to the US with this launch. We found ourselves catering to so many clients from the United States that a presence in North America seemed like the next logical step.

Ever trained a code monkey? It’s a fine art, and we’ve learnt it. While we’ve been doing web and print design for a while now, we’re now also in a strong position to offer killer applications using PHP, Ruby on Rails and (I have to say it) AJAX. While Design has always been a key focus of ours, we now have the coding talent to also offer cutting edge Development services. If it’s a web application you need, let us know – we’re here for the long run. Web two-point-oh-noes and beyond.

3 years ago, the first version of was released. Today, we’re at v4. Bherunda is sleek, beautiful, and reflects who we are, and where we’re headed. Watch this blog for updates as we high dive in to yet another era of late nights, good tea, and the same all round awesomeness you’ve come to expect from everything that’s stamped with the kombuwa. It’s true, some things never change.