Last week we released a multiple currency billing feature for our product, CurdBee – making online billing a possibility for more clients worldwide.Word started to spread and the overall response was pretty positive, with more feedback and requests coming in for support for more currencies such as the South African Rand and the Swedish Krona. Thanks for all the comments! As always, we’re on these feature requests, and are looking forward to implementing some of them soon.While Lakshan analysed what people wanted the most, and decided which feature to hack up next, our friend Seanwrote to me saying he got the opportunity to meet a friend at LifeHacker and mention Vesess, and Curdbee.Since we knew Lifehacker had a strong business related readership, consisting of many SME owners and online entrepreneurs, we were crossing our fingers for a post about Curdbee – we knew it would give us the right exposure, with the right people.Then, it happened. There was Lakshan doing his nightly twitter round before bed, when suddenly the hits started rolling in. Two hundred new accounts in less than an hour. Bookmarks on leading to more viral traffic. More hits, more sign ups. You guys were all over us.Boom. A little after midnight local time, our server died.Of course, Lakshan was on it. Doubling the RAM, he rebooted, and we were up again in under an hour. Since then, everything has been pretty smooth, even with our sign ups going through the roof yesterday. Curdbee should be chugging happily along now, but if you have any complaints, comments or feedback, please feel free to drop us a line.In conclusion, we’d just like to say – thanks Sean, thanks Lifehacker, and thank you everyone who signed up – you really made our day!