Number Five

Hello and welcome to another iteration of We know we’ve been silent for a while, and we’re sorry, we really are. However, no posts does not necessarily mean no work. Behind the scenes, our crack team of code monkeys have been working overtime. So, as Vesess v5 launches, we’re also readying ourselves to release a brand spanking new project that’ll roxor your soxors (or boxors, depending on your persuasion).What is it? Well, we’re not ready to reveal all just yet, but here is a wee hint to base your speculations on.Curdbee ScreenshotNow, on to the design. At Vesess, we’ve been through five redesigns, and think that we’ve finally found one we’ll be sticking with for a while. Simple, elegant, and easy on the eyes, Vesess V5 draws your attention to the content, which is after all, what we really want you to see. Indeed, at a time when websites are getting bigger, bulkier, and definitely more complicated, we’re proud to be going in the other direction.According to tradition, a website should be static, and only redesigned once or twice a decade. Well, this is a myth, and an annoying one at that. We believe that a website is a dynamic entity, and that it should live, and breath and grow, just like an organisation. One year ago, we launched Vesess v4, and today we’re proud to have you with us as we take another step in to the world wild web.Listen, create, evolve. This is what we continue to do, and as we launch v5, we’re really hyped about all new things we have planned for this next phase of Vesessination. Till we post again, the Vesess crew wishes you good speeds, and safe browsing!