About Vesess Alpha

Our goal is to empower Sri Lankan students.

Vesess Alpha is about grooming the next generation of technology leaders in Sri Lanka. Our goal is to provide you with the opportunity and basic funding to follow your passion and work on your own projects, under the guidance of the Vesess team.

The programme runs twice a year. In the inaugural edition in 2018, we had five grants for university students. We plan to introduce grants for school students in the future, and increase the total number of grants incrementally.

Grants are disbursed in 3 stages: at initiation, at 6 weeks, and at completion, as outlined below. They come with no strings attached: if it is your idea, we do not require any transference of copyright or ownership of any sort.

Project Initiation Interim Assessment Project Completion
Time Week 0 Week 6 Week 12
Award 25% of Grant 25% of Grant* 50% of Grant*

* Subject to a satisfactory evaluation of the project progress.

We will also consider offering early-stage investments through Vesess Beta for Alpha grant winners who like to continue their projects as business ventures and startups.

About Vesess

Vesess was incorporated in 2004, but our story begins even earlier—in 2001—with a group of naive young men just out of school who had a burning desire to build a venture of their own.

Over the years, we have managed to overcome the harsh difficulties of the business-antipathetic socioeconomic context of Sri Lanka to reach a global audience. We have worked with organisations large and small, in Sri Lanka and around the world. Our flagship product Hiveage is a popular online invoicing service used by more than 50,000 small businesses from 140 countries. Our globally dispersed team works from 4 cities in 3 continents.

Having been through this journey, we understand very well the passion, skills and needs of our youngsters, and know the difficulties they face. Through Vesess Alpha we are trying to support them at the earliest stage of their entrepreneurial journey, so that they may one day build their own successful ventures.