Vesess Alpha Programme Rules

Vesess Alpha (the “Program”) is sponsored by Vesess Inc. (“Vesess”), a Nevada corporation with its principal place of business at 5348 Vegas Dr Suite 373, Las Vegas NV 89108, USA.

  1. Definitions
    1. Acceptance Date” means the date accepted Project Proposals are announced on the Program Website, as set forth on the Program Timeline.
    2. Coding Period” means the period of time designated for Students to complete their projects.
    3. Community Bonding Period” means the period for accepted Students to get to know their Mentors and prepare to begin work on their Projects, as set forth on the Program Timeline.
    4. Evaluation” means an evaluation by the Mentor of his or her Student’s work.
    5. Final Phase” means the final 4 weeks of the Coding Period (weeks 9-12).
    6. Final Project Materials” means a Student’s final source code and associated documentation for his or her Project.
    7. Final Results” means the list of Students who passed all of their Evaluations.
    8. Ideas List” means the list of ideas for Projects publicly published by Vesess on its website.
    9. Mentor” means the individual assigned for the project by Vesess.
    10. Minimum Age” means 18 years of age.
    11. Phase 1” means the first 6 weeks of the Coding Period.
    12. Phase 2” means weeks 7 – 12 of the Coding Period.
    13. Program Administrators” means Vesess’s administrators for the Program.
    14. Program Timeline” means the timeline for the Program on the Program Website.
    15. Program Website” means the website for the Program located at 
    16. Project” means a coding project to be worked on by a Student as an individual, or a group of Students as a team.
    17. Project Proposal” means a Student’s proposal for a Project.
    18. Project Submissions” means the work product that a Student submits for a Project, including the Project Proposal and any software and documentation, including Final Project Materials.
    19. Proof of Enrollment” means documentation evidencing a Student’s enrollment or acceptance into an accredited institution, including a college, university, masters program, PhD program and/or undergraduate program, as of the Acceptance Date.
    20. Student” means the individual who registers for the Program as a student, either as an independent participant, or as a member of a Team.
    21. Student Participant Agreement” means the agreement between Vesess and a Student that is presented during registration.
    22. Team” is a group consisting of not more than three (3) Students submitting a single Project Proposal.
    23. The words “include” and “including” as used herein mean “including but not limited to.
  2. Program Administration.
    1. Changes to the Program.
      1. Vesess may suspend, cancel, or modify the structure of the Program if technical difficulties or events beyond Vesess’s reasonable control prevent or make it unfair to run the Program in accordance with these Program Rules.
      2. Vesess may modify these Program Rules to reflect any modifications to the Program. Any changes made will be effective immediately upon notice, which will be given by posting the revised Program Rules on this page. Continued participation in the Program after such notice will be deemed acceptance of such changes.
    2. Verifying Eligibility.
      1. Vesess reserves the right to verify a Participant’s eligibility and to adjudicate on any dispute at any time. Participants must provide Vesess with any proof of eligibility requested by Vesess. Refusal or failure to provide such proof within 2 business days of Vesess’s request via email, may result in removal from the Program.
      2. Vesess may review all Proof of Enrollments during the program at its discretion. Further review of the form may occur prior to student acceptance. If any such review determines, at Vesess’s sole discretion, the student provided false or erroneous proof of eligibility (including inaccurate enrollment information) the student will be removed from the program immediately and

        1. not receive any stipends and
        2. not be eligible to participate in any future Vesess Alpha programs.
    3. Communications. All communications between Vesess and the Participants, including the Program Website and email communications, will be in English.
    4. Conduct. Participants must use professional and courteous conduct when interacting with other Participants and the Program Administrators. If a Participant does not use such conduct, Vesess may remove the Participant from the Program.                                                 
    5. Program Removal. In addition to any terms regarding removal from the Program set forth herein, Vesess may remove a Participant from the Program if Vesess reasonably believes that such Participant has attempted to undermine the legitimate operation of the Program, including:
      1. Providing false eligibility information during registration;
      2. Breaching or refusing to comply with these Program Rules;
      3. Threatening or harassing other Participants, Vesess, or any Organization including their employees and representatives;
      4. Tampering or interfering with administration of the Program or with the ability of other Participants to participate in the Program;
      5. Submitting content that:
        1. is not original,
        2. violates the rights of a third party
        3. is lewd, obscene, pornographic, racist, sexist, or otherwise inappropriate to the Program, or
        4. violates any applicable law
      6. If a Participant is removed from the Program for any reason:
        1. the Participant will no longer be eligible to receive stipends from Vesess;
        2. Vesess may delete the Participant’s profile and other data from the Program Website; and
        3. the Participant may be prohibited from participating in any future programs run by Vesess.
  3. Students.
    1. Eligibility.
      1. Requirements. To participate in the Program, a Student must:
        1. be eighteen (18) years of age or older upon registration for the Program;
        2. be enrolled in or accepted into an institution in Sri Lanka, college, university, masters program, PhD program and/or undergraduate program, or any such program conducted by a Sri Lankan partner for a foreign institution, accredited by the University Grants Commission of Sri Lanka, as of the Acceptance Date;
        3. for the duration of the Program, be eligible to work in the country in which he or she resides; and
        4. not be an Organization Administrator or Mentor in the Program.
      2. Ineligible Individuals. A Student may not participate in the Program if:
        1. He or she is an employee (including intern), contractor, officer, or director of Vesess or its affiliates.                        
        2. He or she is an immediate family member (including a parent, sibling, child, spouse, or life partner) of one of the individuals listed in subsection (ii) above or a member of their household (whether related or not).
        3. He or she has participated as a Student in Vesess Alpha two (2) or more times previously.
    2. How to Apply. Students who wish to apply for acceptance in the Program must:
      1. accept the terms of the Student Participant Agreement,
      2. submit Proof of Enrollment, and
      3. submit a Project Proposal.
    3. Proof of Enrollment. Prior to submitting a Project Proposal, the Student must submit a current Proof of Enrollment through the Program Website.
    4. Project Proposals.
      1. Students may submit Project Proposals to Vesess through the Program Website during the application period described in the Program Timeline.
      2. Each Student or Team may submit up to five (5) Project Proposals; however, only one (1) Project Proposal may be accepted per Student or Team.
      3. Project Proposals may, but are not required to, be for Projects on Vesess’s Ideas List.
      4. If a Project Proposal is for a Project that the Student or Team is already working on, the Student or Team must note this in the Project Proposal. Any work done on the Project prior to acceptance of the Project Proposal will not be considered for Evaluations.
    5. Acceptance.
      1. Project Proposals will be reviewed by Vesess. Vesess may accept or reject any Project Proposal at its sole discretion.
      2. Vesess will announce the Project Proposals accepted to the Program on the Program Website.
      3. Each Student or Team with an accepted Project Proposal will be matched with at least one Mentor from Vesess.
      4. Students without an accepted Project Proposal may not continue with the Program and their profiles may be deleted from the Program Website.
    6. Responsibilities.
      1. Each accepted Student will perform all necessary additional steps required for the Student to participate in the Program, including:
        1. participating in the Community Bonding Period;
        2. providing Evaluations of his or her Mentor as described in Section 4.1 below;
        3. working diligently to complete the Project as it may be modified with the agreement of Vesess
      2. If Vesess reasonably believes that a Student has failed to meet the foregoing responsibilities, Vesess may remove such Student from the Program.
  4. Program Participation.
    1. Evaluations.
      1. Form. Evaluations must be in the form of responses to questions provided by Vesess.
      2. Deadlines. Students must submit Evaluations through the Program Website by the deadlines set forth in the Program Timeline. Evaluations are given at three (2) points: after Phase 1 and at the end of the Final Phase.
      3. Visibility.
        1. Except for any fields labeled “shared with student” (“Shared Comments”), Evaluations submitted by a Mentor will only be visible to the Program Administrators. The Student will only see a pass/fail grade result and any Shared Comments.
        2. Evaluations submitted by a Student will only be visible to the Program Administrators. The Mentor(s) will not see these Evaluations, except where the Mentor and Program Administrator are one and the same.
        3. Notwithstanding anything to the contrary in subsections (i) and (ii) above:
          1. Vesess may make Evaluations available to other Vesess employees, third parties, or Student, as applicable:
            1. upon the Student’s prior written consent, as applicable; or
            2. if Vesess deems such action necessary to administer the Program (e.g., where the Program Administrators need assistance from other Vesess employees in their review to reconsider a Student’s grade or where the feedback may be vital to arbitration with the Student regarding payment or non-payment of a stipend).
          2. Vesess may use Evaluations internally to improve Vesess Alpha and for recruiting purposes.
      4. Grading; Missing Deadlines.
        1. The Mentor will evaluate the Student’s Project Submissions against the Project Criteria.
        2. If a Student receives a failing grade on the Phase 1 or Final Evaluation, the Student will be removed from the Program.
        3. If a Student does not agree with the grade he or she received, the Student may request a review by Program Administrators to reconsider the grade. In the event that the Program Administrators agree to perform the review, their decision on the grade is final and binding.
      5. Final Project Materials. Students must submit their Final Project Materials through the Program Website by the final Evaluation deadline. If a Student fails to do so, the Student will be deemed to have received a failing grade on the final Evaluation.
    2. Payment.
      1. Stipends for Students are at Vesess’s sole discretion.
        1. Each Student or Team who has been accepted to the Program may receive a stipend at the start of the Project.
        2. Each Student or Team who has received a passing Phase 1 Evaluation may receive a stipend after the Phase 1 Evaluation deadline.
        3. Each Student or Team who has received a passing Final Evaluation may receive a stipend after the Final Evaluation deadline.
    3. Final Results. Vesess will announce the Final Results on the Program Website.
  6. Promotional Items. Vesess may provide promotional items to Participants at its sole discretion.
  7. Translations. In the event of any discrepancy between the English version of these Program Rules and a translated version, the English version will govern.