Selected Projects and Project Ideas

Selected Projects


Project Team Description Status
MyTutorPal Devin Herath
In higher studies we need all the help we can get. But when we turn to our friends for their guidance their capabilities differ. So how can we identify the individual who better suite for our learning. MyTutorPal is an app I hope to create with that on mind. You can find your own tutor and evaluate him/her and better not you can be a tutor for others as well. Completed
TrainMate Tharindu Peiris
University of Colombo
TrainMate, a mobile application for train passengers to give clear idea about the current location of the train (tracking the train), delays, time predictions and related information. This is an crowdsource app and without any additional devices (GPS devices for train) for the train. It will track the trains by analysing user’s data (location and changes of the location). More than 3 lakhs of people use trains as their main transportation and they will be the target users of the application. Completed
Artificial Intelligence for Mobile Image-based Plant Disease Detection Kanchana Ranasinghe,
Naveen Karunanayake,
Hiran Perera
University of Moratuwa
This project is a device which has with it the vision ability of an ordinary human and the expertise knowledge of a scientist. It will play a big role in the future of agriculture.
As farms or plantations get bigger in size, it is difficult for humans to watch everything. Also with greater demand, farmers are expected to cultivate and deliver larger yields that are difficult to achieve without automation. We hope to provide a simple solution for these problems.
Machine Doctor Rashmika Hewapathirana,
Benuri Alwis,
Minura Punchihewa
University of Kelaniya
Machine Doctor is an IOT based Industrial Machine monitoring device which is powered with Android application and web portal. Partial
DriveSchool Chamath Abeysinghe,
Imesh Chinthaka
University of Moratuwa
This project aims to build an intelligent system which could help new drivers to track their training progress and get self evaluation about their performance. This could help driving schools to improve the quality of the service there are providing by facilitating intelligent assessments, electronic data tracking and analyzing methods. The proposed system will include an intelligent hardware platform which can evaluate the performance of a driver, a REST Server, web and mobile application. Partial

Propose your own project, or pick one from Hiveage.

We encourage you to apply with your own idea. However, the following projects are also available for interested university students who have the right set of skills to complete them within 3 months. They are related to Hiveage—one of the few successful Software-as-a-Service products to emerge from Sri Lanka, conceived, designed and developed entirely by Vesess.

  1. Hiveage Node API Client
  2. Hiveage PHP API Client

Please refer to the Hiveage website and API documentation for background information.

Hiveage Node API Client

Required Skills

  • JavaScript
  • NodeJS
  • Understanding of REST APIs

Hiveage PHP API Client

Required Skills

  • PHP
  • Understanding of REST APIs